C19 Crisis pamphleT

Arts Council emergency funding supported the collation, editing, publication and distribution of our C19 Crisis Pamphlet asking ‘What next for UK Theatre?’ (and the film above)

Email: producer@separatedoors.org for a print copy at £7.00 including p & p.

Digital download available in 2021


Stuart Allen (Derby Theatre)

Annie Bannister

Helena Bell (Kali Theatre)

Iain Bloomfield

Geoff Bullen

Abigail Clay

Cutting Edge Theatre

Suba Das (High Tide)

Lisa Evans

Juliet Forster (York Theatre Royal)

Jo Fox

Frozen Light

Christina Fulcher

Angela Gasparetto

Catherine Grose (Jane Hollowood Associates)

Jane Gull (Film and Theatre Director)

Head to Head theatre

Ben Hobden

Lisa Holdsworth

Lynda Hornsby (Dark Horse)

Gareth John

Dr. Judith Johnson PhD

Loz Kaye

Amy Leach (Leeds Playhouse/Ramps on the Moon)

Nick Lewellyn (Access All Areas)

Alan Mandel

Deborah McAndrew

Jonathan Meth

Conrad Nelson

Jo Newman

Northern Centre for Voice and Movement

Ben Pettitt-Wade (Hijinx)

Nicky Priest

Dale Rooks (Chichester Festival Theatre)

Emma Selwyn (Access All Areas)

Kate Spencer

Tom Spencer

Elizabeth Stanforth-Sharpe

Jen Sumner (Hubbub)

Michele Taylor (Ramps On The Moon)

Richard Vergette

Victoria Walters

Amanda Whittington

Paul Wilshaw